The Top Survival Foods to Stockpile

  1. Canned Alaskan Wild Salmon


There are little to no environmental contaminants in “Alaskan Wild Salmon”. It is rich in protein and Omega 3s. Most other types of canned fish from around the world may contain more contaminants. Salmon may not be a favorite for everyone. The natives of Alaska and Canada have less heart attack and stroke rates due to the continuous diet of fish. A can of “Alaskan Wild Salmon” can be consumed without cooking or straight from the can. Leftovers will have to be refrigerated, if not possible it can be shared between 2 or 3 people per can.


  1. Brown Rice


Brown rice is high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories, making this a great survival food. The huge problem with this is that it must be cooked for 30 minutes to 1 hour, making it not so convenient for a long term survival emergency food. A better brown rice type of food for long term survival needs would be “brown rice hot cereal”. This product only takes 5 to 8 minutes to cook and is high in calories, protein, iron, and other nutrients. Making this great tasting, hot cereal a healthier choice to other types of sugar packed cereals and really easy to prepare.


Brown rice and “brown rice hot cereal” are dry non-perishable food items so storage of these items can last anywhere from three to six months. A proper way to store brown rice or other grains would be to put these items in a dry, airtight container. Different brands have different expiration dates, be sure to label the container to ensure usage doesn’t go beyond that date.


  1. Dried Beans


Different sizes and types of lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, plus more are fairly high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and calories. Needing no power at all to cook them, they will need to be soaked for several hours before eating. Some types of beans such as split peas require far less of a soak time. Beans are one of those foods that do not need constant monitoring, just set them up in a bowl of water and cover. If a meat is not a possible choice then be sure to keep plenty of dried beans for protein.


They are easy to ration, very inexpensive, and can be prepared for consumption in large quantities. Sometimes emergencies last longer than expected, if the need to feed extra arises just break out the stockpile of dried beans or peas. The best part about keeping dried beans is that they can be stored anywhere without going bad. That means whether they are stored in a vehicle, at the office, or in some type of container they still can be consumed. If you have to pack a backpack for survival dried beans are much lighter than those heavy space consuming cans.


  1. Bulk Nuts


Check out the bulk seed/ nut aisle that are in most grocery stores, try staying away from salty items. The salt will cause thirst, a dry mouth, and a decrease in overall health. Nuts and seeds are a great way to get protein, fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals. During an emergency when survival mode kicks in having a stockpile of nuts and seeds will last awhile, since the ration size for most is 1/4 cup per serving.


Store them in an airtight container (such as mason jars) either in the refrigeration or a dark place away from any sunlight. This will enhance the freshness, taste, and life of the snack. It is important to keep different protein, vitamins and minerals, and calorie filled foods for survival. When in an emergency and no protein foods (such as meats, poultry, or fish) having other protein substitutes are vital to surviving and staying positive.


  1. Peanut Butter


Peanut butter not only tastes great but, actually is good for you. Every time it tastes the same. It is a happy and fun food with the texture and sweet taste. Being high in fatty acids, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals (such as copper and iron) makes it a great food to keep the body going when subjected to limited food consumption. With just a couple tablespoons a day can help a person survive with limited food consumption for long periods if needed. Evacuating whether on foot or not, packing up can limit the items due to lack of space. Bringing items essential for survival, lightweight, and small containers will be easy to pack. If something happens and an evacuation on foot is required, those essential items will keep you alive for awhile if you are stuck somewhere with no other food supply than what you have.


When choosing the right one for you, try to choose a brand that is the most affordable and natural, (like the Skippy Natural Peanut Butter brand). A healthier option is always the best way to go. The great thing about buying in bulk is you have many options to choose from actual store shopping or online shopping.


  1. Trail Mix


A great short term survival food is trail mix. The sugars from the raisins, dried fruit, and chocolate will boost your energy short term, also boost your mood. Keeping a positive attitude can be very helpful when in a disaster or when evacuating to safety. Packing foods that enhance a positive mood may not seem important now but, when the stress of the situation hits those types of foods are appreciated more.


  1. Energy Bars and Chocolate Bars

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There are many different flavors and types of energy bars. Some have fruit or chocolate on them. The options are vast, make sure to choose one that is high in protein, other essential vitamins and minerals, and calories. Most bars will actually seem to make a person feel full. When a disaster hits and living off of survival foods is a must, you want items that will make you feel full, happy, and satisfied. Today there are many options to choose from in foods such as flavor, type, and toppings these things will help in a deciding what to purchase. Chocolate bars will boost your energy and mood. Helping to keep the morale high, sharpened alertness, and some energy to do what is needed chocolate bars are an important food to have. Stress can make a situation seem worse than what it actually is, during a disaster chocolate becomes a commodity.

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